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  1. I,, do hereby authorize Millennium Service Provider to act as authorized forwarding agent for export control, CBSA purposes to prepare or transmit all required export information electronically through CAED/B13A and/or prepare any required export documentation as stated by the Foreign Trade Regulations in connection with the exportation or transportation of any goods.

    I further certify that necessary and proper information and documentation to accurately transmit such information electronically is and will be provided to the said Authorized Forwarding Agent.

    I further understand that civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for making false or fraudulent statements or for the violation of any CANADIAN laws or regulations on exportation and agree to be bound by all statements of said Authorized Forwarding Agent based upon information or documentation provided to said agent.

    I authorize Millennium Service Provider to act within the lawful territory as lawful agent to sign, amend, prepare, electronically file, or endorse export documents (i.e. Packing List, commercial invoices, bill of lading, insurance certificates, Titles of ownership, drafts or any other document) necessary for the completion of an export on our behalf.

  2. I authorize Millennium Service Provider to act as my authorized agent to book my shipment with any Ship liners or any company on my behalf.
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